Firm Overview

We focus on private medical technology companies with commercialized products that need growth capital to achieve profitability. Our firm was founded in 2014 as Canepa Healthcare, and we unveiled our new Evidity brand in late 2019 as part of our effort to better communicate what we do, our philosophy, and our investment strategy.


We invest in companies when we see proof of excellence.

Our name, Evidity, is derived from three words that define our investment philosophy:



ground for belief; proof



Latin, meaning I saw



the degree of excellence of something

Investment Approach

Our Core Principles

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    Highly successful healthcare innovations will be those that create real value for the healthcare system. We seek out innovations that create:

    • Clinical value – a better outcome for the patient, and/or
    • Health economic value – efficiency for the healthcare system
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    We carefully evaluate the data supporting a product’s value proposition to assess its strength and likely repeatability. High-quality data are essential for regulatory approval, coverage and payment, clinician adoption, and hospital purchasing.

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    Taking a good product with solid data to a successful exit requires a sound business plan, a capable team, and consistent execution over time. We invest considerable effort evaluating the plan and the team upfront, and we remain actively involved to shape both on an ongoing basis to deliver a successful outcome.

Our Main Criteria


Stage of Company

We prefer medtech companies with products that have already achieved regulatory clearance in the United States. We target those companies that can achieve rapid revenue growth over the next 3-5 years.


Investment Size

We are interested in companies needing at least $5M of new capital.  We are flexible with respect to controlling versus minority roles but will only consider situations where there is an opportunity to add value through our active involvement.



We focus on medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health but do not restrict ourselves to specific sub-sectors.



While we will consider opportunities across geographies, we prioritize companies targeting primarily the US healthcare market.